Smarter accounts receivable your way

Modify invoice templates on demand

For most of organizations, it can take as long as seven months to change a template! The inflexibility of most systems complicates and slows down the document updating processes.

With OL Connect, gain control over your communications!

invoice templates

Send electronic transactional documents

Every year electronic delivery becomes more and more popular. And yet you haven't managed to make the switch.

With OL Connect, go multichannel and let your customers decide how they want to you to communicate with them!

electronic transactional documents

Reduce time spent on customer inquiries and disputes

When you do everything manually, you are entered inaccurate amounts or line items into your systems. Misfiled or unreadable supporting documents are inevitable. This results in having to allocate most of your department’s time to customer inquiries. You are fixing mistakes instead of preventing them in the first place.

Eliminate human error and reduce paper handling with OL Connect!

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Lower your cost per invoice

Many businesses lose time and money going after their customers to pay their invoices on time. Employees in the accounts receivable department have to manually issue reminders that are often specific to each customer.

Automate your process and reduce your Days Sales Outstanding!

cost per invoice
  • Modify invoice templates on demand
  • Send electronic transactional documents
  • Reduce time spent on customer inquiries and disputes
  • Lower your cost per invoice
invoice templates electronic transactional documents customer inquiries cost per invoice

How a flexible AR process works


Re-engineer your invoices in multiple output formats using information mined from the original document. Enhance your documents with colour, barcodes, graphs, targeted information and tables.

Enhance your invoice template with variable inserter control barcodes. All the information is stored in the barcode. You can let the machine do the work for you!

Send your invoices electronically, whatever the channel. Attach a PDF invoice to an email, populate a customer portal, connect to an EDI network.

Populate and index your ECM system automatically with no human intervention.

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Want to learn how to optimize your accounts receivable processes one step at a time?

Improve your invoices

paper invoice
  • High definition graphics and colours
  • Conditional styling
  • Barcodes and scan marks
  • Dynamic calculation
  • Graphics and information personalized for each customer
  • Addition of dynamic elements: images, text, etc.
Email invoice
  • Mobile device viewable
  • Online payments
  • Customer contact and help
  • Online promotion application
  • Social media

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