Deliver better customer communications

OL™ Connect for Microsoft Dynamics® AX is designed to help integrators generate complex business documents for their clients.

Meet their expectations

Provide your clients with flexible, personalized, multichannel and automated business communications.

Reap the benefits of a turnkey solution

Take possession of a solution that is fully integrated with AX and involves no programming or changes in existing infrastructure.

Increase your profits

Earn your clients’ trust by staying within their budgets and your profit margins.

business documents

Improve your clients’ document creation process.

With OL™ Connect for Microsoft Dynamics® AX, Objectif Lune offers you a solution that can generate transactional business communications for printing, email, the Web, archiving and mobile use.

Bridge the gap

Bridge the gap between your clients’ systems.

OL™ Connect for Microsoft Dynamics® AX captures data from AX and other systems. Our processes use the captured data to generate new reports and business documents.

communications clients

High definition graphics and colours.

Conditional styling.

Graphics and information personalized for each client.

Barcodes and scan marks.

Dynamic calculation.

Addition of dynamic elements: images, text, etc.

A solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX


A turnkey solution

OL™ Connect for Microsoft Dynamics® AX comes with a set of multichannel templates. It also has process design and management modules so you can adapt the document templates and processes.

Multichannel document templates
  • Collection Letter
  • Free Text Invoice
  • Project Invoice
  • Purchase Confirmation
  • Purchase Packing Slip
  • Sales Packing Slip
  • Sale Confirmation
  • Sales Invoice
Process templates
  • Print preview
  • Document distribution

Become a reseller!

You’ll no longer have to choose between satisfying your clients, getting things done quickly and sticking to your profit margins.

Objectif Lune solution resellers are able to provide their clients with a wide range of solutions to better manage client communications.

  • Very attractive profit margins.
  • No up-front investment or sales quota.
  • A multidisciplinary team to support you.

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