Smarter purchase orders your way!

Eliminate scanning, manual data entry and OCR

How much time do you spend addressing errors? Processing incoming purchase orders involves scanning piles and piles of paper every month. Then you have to enter every invoice scanned in the system, either through OCR, manual data entry or both. This process is error-prone and results in inaccurate data being input into systems. These inaccuracies are responsible for irretrievable documents, delays in processing, overpayments and late payments.

With OL Connect, stop paying for your mistakes!


Give your customers a first-class customer experience

Customer service is the key to customer retention. Processing a purchase order is a crucial step in building a relationship with your customers. It is the first step in the order-to-cash cycle, and the perfect time to impress them. Manual processes increase delays and lead to customer frustration.

With OL Connect, communicate important and relevant information at every step of the order process.

mobile purchase order

Be more efficient and reduce transaction costs

Did you know that only 20% of all orders in the retail supply chain are fully automated? Yet automated processes using Intelligent Capture or Advanced Capture seem out of reach for most companies. They are too expensive and require highly customized implementation over the course of many months. But leaving a PO unacknowledged for days gives a bad impression to your customers and could damage the relationship.

With OL Connect, speed up your purchase orders process!

process automation
  • Eliminate scanning, manual data entry and OCR
  • Give your customers a first-class customer experience
  • Be more efficient and reduce transaction costs
keyboard mobile purchase order process automation

How a flexible PO process work

Capture hand

Our solution extracts data from orders without scanning or OCR, without keying in information, and with 100% accuracy.

OL Connect extraction

Automatically publish orders to your ECM system, complete with indexing information, and automate the approval workflow.


Put in place a communication workflow to ensure everyone is in the know, in real time. Automatically send to your customers order confirmation and delivery information

interactive communication

Approve the order and initiate the shipping process right away! Your purchase order process now takes less than one working day!

initiate shipping process

Your customers send you their orders by email. Then purchase orders are captured before they are printed.

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Want to know how to better communicate with your customers at every step of your order process?


User interface
  • Your customers print their purchase orders as usual
  • A simple printer driver acts like a virtual printer and delivers the purchase order securely over the web without complex implementation, system changes or custom development.
  • No extra cost
  • No changes to the way they work
  • Your customers have the added benefit of saving on paper and postage
user interface experience
  • Line item details are extracted to initiate the order
  • This process does not use OCR and therefore delivers 100% data accuracy
  • Extract metadata for indexing information:
    - PO number
    - Customer information

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