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Work Smart: Transform your proof of delivery processes from paper to digital

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Eliminate paper processes

Paper is often the cause of many inefficiencies in processing. Every time a piece of paper is lost or damaged, orders cannot be invoiced and you lose money.

Ensure you have a proof of delivery for all your orders, by going fully digital.

Accelerate processing

Processing signed delivery notes is time-consuming and error-prone. As a result, matching purchase orders, indexing, and data entry can take days.

Remove the need for human intervention in the process and get real-time delivery status. You will have accurate information directly in your system.

Improve customer experience

Delivering a product is a key stage of a customer journey. If it doesn't go well you risk damaging your relationship irreparably.

Give yourself the means to communicate important and relevant information at every stage of the delivery process.

  • Eliminate paper processes
  • Accelerate processing
  • Improve customer experience

How a flexible proof of delivery process works

The company creates the delivery notes as usual.

The driver captures the customer information:
Notes, Location, Changes in quantities, Pictures, Time/Date, Barcodes and sends the delivery note back to the office in real time after each delivery.

As soon as the driver submits the POD back to the office, the proof of delivery is published to an ECM system. It is matched with the purchase order to create the invoice. The customer receives an email with a copy of the signed delivery note and the invoice.

The driver downloads the day’s delivery notes to his device.

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A day in the life of a smart POD

Improve your proof of delivery

Re-engineer your paper delivery notes into smart digital proof of deliveries, that can capture more than just a signature.

  • No connection required
  • Submit and initiate communication processes
  • Record geolocation information
  • Add pictures for proof of delivery or to record damages
  • Capture signatures

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Why choose OL™ ?

At Objectif Lune, we believe in a step-by-step approach. Mid-sized businesses can’t afford to overhaul their systems and processes with one project that involves a stressful switch-over period. With OL Connect, you can implement most improvements in small increments with total flexibility.

  • Software with the largest installed based in our industry
  • Enterprise-level technology tailored to mid-sized companies
  • Fast implementation at a cost well below the average
  • Our offices around the world provide local support and maintenance
  • Our user-friendly software puts you in control of your processes and documents

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